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What would the internet be without links?
I collected my favorite sites which are really worth bookmarking!

Kejardon's Documents Everyone who seriously wants to dive into the world of Super Metroid ASM hacking should visit this site.
LOTS of useful docs/disasms/other stuff can be found there.
Super Metroid - Editors and Edits! The home of the famous Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor made by Jathys.
Metroid Construction
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Within only a few years, this site became one of the largest Super Metroid hacking communities.
Nowhere else you can find a collection that size of documents, hacks, gfx and lots and lots of other cool stuff.
I am as well a very proud member of this community. Don't miss it!
Begrimed.com A cool site made by Grime, the guy who also maintains MetConst. It's really worth a click if you have a special taste for special music 'n stuff! :D
Scyzer's Tank A site similar to this one, SadFish style!
Also lots of cool stuff there. Hosted by Metroid Construction.

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