Hello and welcome to my Domain!
There are vids, pics, docs and misc. asm hacks up here so people can browse, be amazed, learn or do stuff for their hacks.
Have fun exploring, and of course stay tuned for updates!


-- Sunday 05/04/2015 --

Music section is done!

Alright, the documents section has been removed, but I'm proud to introduce The New Music Section!
All the documents and patches have been moved to the Main Site

Enjoy the music~!

-- Saturday 04/04/2015 --

Wall of text regarding Changes (both to this Domain and Metconst Main Site)

As you've probably heard and seen already, the Metroid Construction Main Site is getting a major overhaul, providing a new account based system. that will allow users to log in with their forum accounts and submit hacks / resources and rate them. Now what does this mean for this subdomain? Well, first off, I will make use of the new Resource system to move my hacking stuff over to the main site. Because I like the idea of having every resource sorted nice and easy in a single spot, rather than having to bookmark people's subdomains to keep track of them all. Documentations and Notes will be moved to our Wiki, which is also going to get more attention from now on. With all of my stuff moved, what will remain of this subdomain?
Well it's not going to be shut down, don't you worry!

Instead it'll become what IMO subdomains are supposed to be: A way of showing off stuff a person has made! So yeah, whenever I make new asm, a new video or a new song, I'll update this site to show it off!
To put the change into a nutshell: The Document section will be replaced by a music section! :)
And to everyone who's thinking "Meh,but this dude hasn't been active much at all lately":
Well it's because I was (and still am) working on a lot of stuff in secret that will be revealed eventually,
and no, it's not a hack unfortunately, but it'll for sure benefit all hackers equally, I'm sure of it ;)
So yeah, start your hype engines if you haven't already!

2015 will be GOLDEN!

-- BIG UPDATE - Monday 13/10/2014 --

Site was just moved and is now hosted by Metroid Construction! :D
Cosmetical changes will come later, time to wipe the dust off this site!

-- Monday 04/07/2011 --

- Added a bunch of new pics to screenshots page.
- Also added my latest video to video section.

-- Sunday, 03/07/2011 --

-- Major site update --

Since the old layout became boring to me, I decided to do some work, making it visually pleasing. Feedback is highly appreciated! Also contact me if you have problems with your browser (I still recomment using Firefox).

-- Friday, 18/03/2011 --

- Added FX3.txt to Document Library.

-- Wednesday, 02/02/2011 --

- Screenshots added.

-- Tuesday, 01/02/2011 --

- Site was made public

-- Thursday, 20/01/2011 --

- Links section complete
- Added some Javascript (spoiler buttons in video section)
- Contact added

-- Monday, 17/01/2011 --

- Finished video library.
- Uploaded some docs.

-- Sunday, 16/01/2011 --

The site's birthday! Expect more stuff to be uploaded.

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